Our Impact

Land and Buildings for a School!
So far we have raised $20,000 (!!!!) which has enabled Jireh Christian Academy, a school in a rural area of Uganda (Ngora District) to purchase land and buildings. The school reaches out to orphans and vulnerable children; providing them with quality education, healthcare and clean water.

The purchase of land and buildings has given a much needed boost to the school who were struggling to pay rent, and will allow the number of children enrolled to expand.









Adding Vibrancy to our Local Community
We love our community and are passionate about bringing good old-fashioned fun for one and all. We have received lots of good feedback:

“Such a fun night with a great group of people! Can’t wait for the next one! Massive fan of the band, music was great to dance to and crossing over other dance styles was so cool!”

“Thanks also for the good night, sweet turn out. The Foxtrot is a nice fun dance to move around the d-floor with, enjoyed the class. Kudos to the live band also, really set the mood. Everyone was looking soo good, definitely keen for the next one.”

“What a night, what an event! Can’t wait till the next one!”