About Us

Our Story

Jolly Good Events was birthed from the wistful and wandering minds of a few lads and lasses whilst reminiscing of days gone by where good old fashioned fun was played out in local town halls full of swaying skirts and smartly dressed gentlemen. Troubled by the lack of options for entertainment and the chance to meet new people in a safe and fun environment, these creative folks resolved to bring back a ‘dance revival’ to their local community by hosting old fashioned dances in the McLaren Vale Institute Hall.

Coupled with this vision is the passion to use these events to go beyond benefiting the local community and towards helping our friends in Uganda, sowing into projects that help the most poor and vulnerable. It is a joy and a privilege to have the opportunity to give into precious lives and see hopes and dreams come to a reality.



The Team

Meet the fun and creative team who keep the wheels turning at Jolly Good Events!

Bonnie Dowie (Founder/Director)
The dream for Jolly Good Events began when Bonnie returned from spending 6 months in Uganda volunteering for JENGA Community Development Outreach where she completed her university placement. Amazed by the seemingly never-ending human need she saw and having fallen in love with the people, Bonnie returned with a strong desire to help the projects she saw who were working with local communities to break the poverty cycle.

Bonnie’s faith and passion for social justice gives her plenty of motivation to do what she does – as do cups of tea, chocolate, spontaneous solo dance parties, quality time with pets, coffee dates and of course solid amounts of time with family and friends.

Bonnie has a Bachelor of Humanitarian and Community Studies and this year is doing her Masters of International Public Health.


Evangeline McAllan (Events Guru)
Every dream needs legs, and Evangeline has given more legs than a caterpillar to the Jolly Good Events’ vision. Bursting with motivation and general helpfulness, Evangeline got hold of the vision and came along side Bonnie to help Jolly Good Events thrive. Specialising in being available to smash coffees and brownies at any given moment, she can often be found at a café in Willunga offering moral support and creative brain storming with Bonnie.

Fluffy bunny rabbits, looking cute while riding her bicycle, wearing pretty hand-made dresses and generally being ridiculously creative are all things that Evangeline enjoys.

Evangeline is studying events management.


Coast and Vines Church
It would be hard to write up a profile for every member that help to make our events happen – but we must give props to Coast and Vines Church whose members give large amounts of support to our cause. When they are called upon to cook, they cook scrumptious treats, when they are called upon for muscles, men with muscles flock to help lift things, when they are called upon to pray for good weather – they pray with gusto.

They’re a happy and helpful bunch and collectively have many skills that are generously given to the cause. The members at Coast and Vines enjoy a good party and getting together with their community.

Coast and Vines is based in Willunga and have a big heart to love and serve their local community.